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As the wife of a Sargent in the National Guard I was looking for someone honest, reliable, and takes pride in doing home remodeling and I found this with Michael Collins.  At the beginning of January I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Collins  through Warren, a gentleman that I went to elementary school with.  I was talking to Warren one day at the end of December and told him that I needed work done in my house and how many times I have been let down by contractors and friends that do remodeling for a living, he recommended Mike.
Mike and I met and did a walkthrough of my house and discussed remodeling pretty much my whole house except the kitchen and one bathroom.  I needed Mike to meet my husband who was on military duty at the time of the walk through before I could commit to the really great estimate that he provided me.
My husband and Mike met and that is when our remodeling adventure started and what an adventure has it been.  Starting in the basement Mike and his crew pointed out a lot of issues that needed to be corrected; he actually brought me in and physically showed me the dangers that were in my ceiling.  There were open live wires, old knob and tube electric and some support issues.  Mike and his crew addressed these problems quickly and with my family’s utmost safety in mind.  Moving onto my living room, dining room, and bedrooms there were more issue with the old knob and tube wiring and cracks in the walls letting in cold air.  Granted my house was built in 1916 and did not have any insulation, but now I don't have to worry about that, he and his crew insulated my house from top to bottom, my house is now so warm and cozy I don't want to leave.  Mike and his crew had a lot of work ahead of them, more than what was expected.  My floors and ceilings were uneven, support beams where falling apart and pipes were cracking and needed to be replaced, but through it all there has been constant communication and options on how I wanted things fixed. The remodel is almost finished and everything is looking beautiful!  It has been a pleasure to have them working in my house.  They treat my house as they would their own home, with respect, pride, and worry about the safety of the family that lives there.

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